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MTV Online Former shrine of 80s culture. Real World killed the video star. Gag Me! The only source of 80s video specialty programming and biographies. An arrival point featuring all things of interest to the Atari generation. 80s culture mega-site. Includes fashion, movies, music, TV, quizzes, etc.

Inthe80s bands Exhaustive list of 80s band website links. Totally Awesome!

Ultimate 80s Songs A comprehensive 80s song lyric server. Sing along at our shows!

Spinal Tap Official Home Page "This one goes to eleven..." Truly the musician's Bible.

Star 98.7 L.A. radio station. Listen online! Our friends and oftentime sponsors.

80'sXChange Lots of knarly eighties discussion (sometimes even about us)

New Wave City First & Foremost Roaming 80's Dance Party (DJ) in San Francisco.


Asteroids Play the arcade classic in a cool online java version right now. Gnarly!

Missile Command Nuclear winter arcade hit in java version. Shall we play a game?

Tron Light cycle race java game based on arcade/movie classic. Fer Sure!

Rubik's Cube Online java version of classic 80s 3-D puzzle. Bitchin'!

Atari 2600 Free!!! Emulator for your PC/Mac with loads of "cartridges" Ohmigawd!




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